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Mermaid Infinity Necklace from Imagination to Creation

Posted by Mermaid Julie on

Mermaids LOVE to be layered in sparkles and crystals and gold...

Mostly because those precious natural stones and metals are a conduit for powerful energy, and every mermaid is aware of her power.

Using my particular mermaid power, I had a dream about an infinity mermaid... this may sound strange, or it may sound normal.

This was the start of Seatail's jewelry line.

I drew her first...

Mermaid Infinity Art

At once, she was a symbol of eternal love for the sea.

First she was sketched in pencil, then used pen to outline her, and much later I painted her in with watercolor pencils. I love her!

It was not long before I realized I needed her to be as a charm that I could wear. 

I had recently launched Seatail, and was selling only my Mermaid Tail Blankets and I was like... yup, jewelry is next!

It was a tiny bit of a selfish pursuit so I could create this charm to wear myself, but I figured other mermaids would give her a whirl.

I have made jewelry most of life, starting with classic femo dough beads and later toiling over a propane torch to launch my very first business, Salty Bird Seaglass.

I am a proud veteran Etsy seller!

I knew this time I had to work with a real jewelry manufacturer who could do it quite perfectly, every time.

After hunting for the right jewelry maker, and working with their design team to get her just so.... boom!

The Mermaid Infinity Necklace was born...

Mermaid Infinity Necklace

I'm so in love with this gorgeous charm! 

It is made in Sterling Silver, available in Silver and plated in 18k Gold. 

Mermaid Infinity Necklace

She is by far my best selling Mermaid Necklace and is LOVED by mermaids big and small.

A symbol of eternal love for the sea or eternal love for your favorite mermaid! 

This is jewelry with so much meaning!

All purchases of mermaid jewelry (and everything else) in this shop help support marine conservation groups I donate to

See the Mermaid Infinity Charm Necklace Here

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Infinity mermaid necklace

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