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Amethyst Forest Mermaid ~ Aquarius

Posted by Mermaid Julie on

For the Aquarius Mermaid (January 20 - February 18)

This art was inspired by the forests in the Pacific Northwest... Covered in moss, draped in ferns, laced in mist... with snow covered mountain peaks, towering evergreen trees and crystal clear waterfalls. 

This mermaid is a pelagic explorer, typical of the independent Aquarius. She collects shells, crystals, stones, and treasure and keeps them in underwater caves she has found all over the world. Twice a year she swims from the ocean up a river to this waterfall in the mountains to visit her cat friend and breathe the mountain air. 

She’s holding a massive Amethyst, which calms the mind and emotions and enhances the connection to our highest self which ignites creativity! Amethyst is purple quartz, one of the most conductive elements on earth... at times in history amethyst was valued as equal to diamonds!

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