A Mermaid Artist Making Waves

by Mermaid Julie October 19, 2016

A Mermaid Artist Making Waves

I stumbled upon a beautiful mermaid sculpture here is what I learned...

Amaryllis Bataille, a French sculpture, is spreading a message with her unique mermaid sculptures, finding homes around the world.

Amaryllis creates her mer-women often with legs for a reason.

Instead of your standard tail, these mermaids are holding their fins and scales, or have small fins on their legs. These land mermaids have morphed into humans to bring humans a message from the sea. 

The message is that her environment, the sea, is in danger and has been poisoned. She is asking that humans protect the waters and restore their health.

In an interview by Mermaids of the Earth Amaryllis says

"The mermaids are in a sense the protectors of the marine world, and they can carry a message that will be heard – a message to protect the oceans and preserve the endangered species"

She has created a project called the Amaryllis Art for Charity, placing custom and unique sculptures around the world.

Ama St Jean Mermaid Sculpture Amaryllis

Ama St Jean, Photo Mermaids of the Earth

For this project, Amaryllis is calling each sculpture Ama, a nickname of her own, and a Japanese word meaning sea women.

Japanese tradition holds that the practice of Ama may be 2,000 years old. Traditionally, and even as recently as the 1960s, ama dived wearing only a loincloth. Even in modern times, ama dive without scuba gear or air tanks, making them a traditional sort of free-diver.

Ama are famous for pearl diving, but originally they dived for food like seaweed, shellfish, lobsters, octopus, and sea urchins — and oysters which sometimes have pearls. Ama can keep diving well into old age. Wikipedia

Using this beautiful sea spirit as her guide, she has sculpted and placed mermaids in the following locations:

AMA VITZNAU 47°0’28″N 8°28’60″E

Hotel Vitznauerhof, Vitznau, Schweiz

AMA TARPON SPRINGS 28°8′50″N 82°45′41″W

Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA

AMA SHANGHAI 31°13′16″N 121°30′19″E

Huangpu, Shanghai, China

AMA MARIA 29°28’3″N 98°28’12″W 

San Antonio, Texas, USA

AMA YEATMAN 41°7’59″N 8°36’49″W

Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, Portugal

AMA DU BEAUSOLEIL 43°44′36″N 7°25′31″E

Beausoleil, France

AMA OF THE THAMES 51°32′15″N 0°54′4.594″W

Henley on Thames, England

AMA MAYFIELD 37°32’53″N 126°49’6″E

Gangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

AMA DE CAVALAIRE 43°10’16″N 6°32’14″E

Port Cavalaire, Cavalaire-
sur-Mer, France

AMA D’EZE 43°43’41″N 7°21’42″E 

Eze Village, Eze, France

AMA ANDAMAN 8°22’40″N 98°15’16″E

Wanakarn Beach Resort
and Spa, Thaimuang Beach,
Phong Na, Thailand

AMA DE SANOVIV 32°15′45″N 116°59′6″W

Sanoviv, Baja California, Mexico

AMA DU CAP D’ANTIBES 43°33′44″N 7°6′49″E

Port Gallice, Côte d’Azur, France

AMA ALPINA 47°7′40″N 10°12′55″E

Hospiz Hotel, St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria

AMA DU CAP FERRAT 43°41′29″N 7°19′58″E

Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Côte d’Azur, France

AMA LORELEY 50°4′53″N 7°45′43″E

Engelsburg am Rhein, Loreley, Germany

AMA DU PARC 49°32′39″N 8°40′16″E

Schlosspark, Weinheim, Germany

AMA DU GOLF 43°31′58″N 6°56′19″E

Golf de Mandelieu, Côte d’Azur, France

AMA VICTORIA 46°25′54″N 6°55′35″E

Hotel Victoria, Glion, Switzerland


Atlante mermaid sculpture

Atlante, Photo Mermaids of the Earth

Some words from Amaryllis about her Sculpture in the port of Cannes, France:

“Atlante was placed in Cannes in the year 2000.  She is a mermaid who has come to us out of the sea at the turn of the century.  She considers the losses of the last century and looks into the new century.   She is strong and brave, and determined to face the coming storms and to help us undo the damage caused by the poisoning of the oceans and the senseless hunting that threatens many marine species.   She is the only sculpture to have been allowed in the waters of the port of Cannes.

“Like most of my mermaids she has legs, and is not the usual mermaid with a tail (or two).   She is out of the water and is adapted to this environment while she is here, but she still retains mermaid characteristics, such as the fish-scale boots and vestigial fins, and attire that is clearly of the sea.
“She has been there for near 13 years now, alone on her rock.   I am considering whether I should add a dolphin companion.   In the late 1960’s a wild dolphin became famous for staying in the Cannes Harbor, and for a couple years was a sort of mascot for the city.   I would be nice to bring him back as a companion for Atlante.”

~ Amaryllis from Mermaids of the Earth

What an inspiration for women, artists, mermaids, and water protectors. 

On my travels around the world I'm going to try and see as many of her beautiful Ama as possible :) Thank you Amaryllis!

See more about her and the project at,

Mermaid Julie
Mermaid Julie


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