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Mermaid Gifts for All Ages

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Need a gift for a mermaid lover? 

Or maybe a gift for anyone who loves the sea?

Divers, surfers, sailors, beachcombers, beach-lovers, marine biologists and mermaids of all types love a little gift that reminds them at home of their love of the ocean.

So, if you have an ocean lover you need a gift for - you came to the right place!

From Kids to Moms, you're going to find something for every mermaid and ocean lover here!

Here is a list of trending stylish top mermaid gifts for all ages...

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Mermaid Gifts for all Ages - the Ultimate gift guide for the Mermaid in your life

#1 – Knit Mermaid Tail Blanket (Ages 13 & Up)

Certainly the hottest and most trending gift this season is the elegant Knit Mermaid Tail Blanket.

Mermaid swim tails (you can swim with in the water) were all the rage this summer, and mermaid tail blankets are the must-have stay cozy accessory for this winter.

Mermaid Tail Blanket Knit with Sequins #1 Mermaid Gift

Not just for kids, these elegant blankets are popular with teens to moms. There seems to be an especially excited group ages 18 - 23...

There is not a college age girl who wouldn't LOVE to have one of these blankets!

Use them to snuggle up on the couch, read a book in bed, or hang with friends.


#2 – Cozy Mermaid Tail Blanket for Girls Ages 4 - 12

Hot Gift for Girls 2016 Holiday Mermaid Tail Blanket

Children's mermaid tail blankets were confirmed to be one of the hottest birthday party gifts in 2016.

Mermaid Blanket for Kids

All reports around here claim they were the most loved gift at the party and the most talked about gift after the party - that's a good gift!

These cozy tails are the perfect gift under $30!

Little girls are going looney to get their hands on one of these blankets and once they are inside they will be having so much fun, it might be difficult to get them out!

#3 – Mermaid Infinity Necklace Silver & Gold (Ages 9 & Up)

This unique gorgeous necklace is an infinity symbol shaped into a Mermaid...

This meaningful necklace is a symbol of...

Eternal Love for the Sea


A Promise to Forever with your Favorite Mermaid 

This unique design is unlike anything you can find anywhere else and is a favorite among the very enthusiastic mermaid crowd. An amazing friendship necklace as well as a gift to anyone who loves the ocean from divers, surfers, sailors, beachcombers, mermaid enthusiasts, marine biologists, and mermaids.

Mermaid Infinity Charm Necklaces

This beautiful charm is not too big, not too small and is perfect for wearing every day or dressing up. It is subtle and sweet and mermaids are going mad for them!

This necklace is a very high quality piece of jewelry, made in sterling silver, available in both silver and with 18k gold. 

A loved gift and perfect stocking stuffer for a ocean loving girl or woman. This necklace is a great gift for ages 9 and up.

#4 – Mermaid Shell Silk Sleep Mask (18 & Up / Travelers Favorite!)

Mermaid Sleep Mask for Travel is an excellent Mermaid Gift or Stocking Stuffer

This 100% silk sleep mask is so soft and high quality. An excellent sweet gift that anyone over 18, and especially any one who travels or naps will ADORE!

Finding such a high quality sleep mask is nearly impossible. Big box stores and department stores don't carry anything like this.

This sleep mask is comfortable, soft and has adorable stylish shells embroidered on the front.

This is a great gift for older teens and women of any age. 

My 75 year old mother-in-law will be gifting them to her friends this Christmas, she thinks they are so chic!

Any woman with a love of the ocean would adore having one of these on her night stand, or in her travel carry-on!

Each mask comes comes with a cute and convenient velvet pouch for storage, (perfect for travel).

Research shows sleep masks help you sleep sounder, and make napping and getting to bed with the lights on a breeze.

This little mask is dead-ringer for a holiday gift, and is a perfect stocking stuffer!

Available in Silver & Teal and in Gold & Purple

#5 Gift – Seashell Mermaid Throw Pillow (Ages 17 & Up)

Adorable Throw Pillow Cute Gift for Mermaids

This adorable seashell pillow is the perfect accent in any mermaid den. It inspires beautiful images of the ocean and is simply too cute. This pillow is a great gift under $30 and is loved by shell collectors and beachcombers.

Not only is cute, it's great for napping and so cute along with the Mermaid tail blanket.

Although this pillow gets love from a young mermaid, typically it is wanted by decorating mermaids, a hit with ages 17 and up.

A great gift for a seaside loving mom, college student. Plus, this pillow goes PERFECT with any of the mermaid tail blankets!

#6 Gift – Mermaid Sequin Color-Changing Pillow Case

Sequin Color-Chaning Pillow


Watch this video and you'll know why this is the most fun gift to give... possibly ever.

These pillow cases sparkle like scales and provide endless entertainment. The tactile feel is so addictive. Mermaids LOVE these and this could very well be the next big thing.

This is just the pillow case, it does not include the pillow inside.

Highly recommend this one for college age girls and women in the twenties, thirties and beyond who love a little sparkle!

 #7 Gift – Mermaid Word Necklace & Mermaid Bar Necklace

Mermaid Word Necklace in Gold - Adorable Gift for Teens who Love Mermaids

Mermaid Bar Necklace Gold - Quality

These Mermaid Word & Bar Necklaces are amazing gifts. 

Why? Because they are the ultimate 'I'm a Mermaid' statement and are so wear-able and timeless.

A really sweet necklace for girls and women ages 9 and up.

Teens and College age mermaids adore this and it is a great gift for any women who identifies with being a mermaid...

Who doesn't? A sparkly, beautiful women who loves the feeling of gliding through the sea... knows the moon, is in touch with the universe and adorns herself with magic?! That is basically all women.

The writing on this necklaces was hand-written by Mermaid Julie's pal Ellen, and is cast in Sterling Silver and plated in 18 karat gold.... wow! They are also available in Silver.

These are both timeless, classy pieces of jewelry that go with everything!

 Mermaid Gift Guide for All Ages ~ Find the perfect Mermaid gift


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