Make a Mermaid Top – DIY Shell Bra

by Mermaid Julie October 24, 2016

Make a Mermaid Top – DIY Shell Bra

Dressing up as Mermaid?

You'll need a shell top!

For a Halloween Costume, a Performance or the Mermaid Parade... making a shell top that fits you makes wearing your shell top SO much better.

This is not for swimming in, but it's possible you could use a bikini top instead of a bra and get some crazy strong glue - I don't know, you'll have to experiment ;)

This tutorial is for an out-of-water Mermaid Shell bra that will make your mermaid costume AMAZING!

Mermaid Shell DIY Bra - Easy, Perfect Fit Mermaid Costume Top

Also if you need a shell crown (and you do) check out my Mermaid Shell Crown DIY here so you can spend an entire craft-ernoon making mermaid gear.

What you Need

1. Strapless bra in your size (or cut the straps off an old bra) - nude color is best
2. Two large shells (I picked up these at the costume store)
3. 2 hand-fulls of pearl beads and rhinestones (any quality will do)
4. A glue gun & glue
5. Spray glue
6. Glitter

Here is my collection of goods I picked up...

Mermaid Bra DIY Goodies

Step #1 Glitter up Your Shells

First, plug in your glue gun to heat it up.

Next, I sprayed the big shells with spray glue and sprinkled glitter on them, met them dry.

Step #2 Glue Your Big Shells onto the Bra

Next use your glue gun and put glue all over the the underside of the shells and stick them onto the bra. Placing them with a little outward turn is super cute. You can use any kind of shell here. These shells are made of plastic, they were picked up at the costume store. Using real shells is a great option too.

Shell Top for Mermaid Costume

Step #3 Apply Your Jewels and Beads

Next you are going to apply each of your jewels all over the left over fabric on the bra to totally cover it in Mermaidy sparkle!

This is going to take a while, it took me over an hour to go from edge to edge, filling in each little part of the bra with beads and rhinestones. You can use anything and all sizes to cover the cloth.

Mermaid Rhinstones and Pearls and Shells

Be sure to cover the section between the shells too!

Gluing on Pearls and Rhinstones

Keep going all away around to the very edges of the... I added a smaller shell on the side for a little extra decor and to fill some more space without doing an entire mosaic through the large section of the side of the bra.

DIY Mermaid Bra Gluing on Rhinestones and Pearls

As soon ays are done - you're done!!

Add more glitter if you want, and you can even glue jewels and pearls on your shells, but I decided I liked the look of them best left sparkly and smooth!

Mermaid Shell Bra DIY

This top is classy and cute!

I hope your costume comes out awesome :)


Mermaid Julie
Mermaid Julie


Seatail Founder and Lover of all things Ocean, Beach & Mermaid!

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