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Mermaid Necklaces with Meaning

Posted by Mermaid Julie on

Every Mermaid Loves her sparkles!

This jewelry line is inspired by my eternal love of the sea and the mermaid message that is being spread around the world ~ to protect our oceans and embrace the mystery and beauty of the ocean!

All of these mermaid charms have their own meaning.

These little beauties have been dreamt up and designed as timeless little treasures to remind us to be Mermaids, the messengers between humans and the sea!


Mermaid Infinity Necklace

Mermaid Infinity Necklace

This mermaid charm is what kicked off the Mermaid Jewelry line. She is a mermaid who is shaped into an infinity symbol.

She started as a dream, then she was a sketch and became the first Seatail charm!

Infinity Mermaid Necklace

She represent an eternal love for the sea!

The infinity symbol that carries so much beautiful meaning represents ongoing, unlimited, and endless, and making this symbol out of a mermaid reminds us of the never ending need to love and protect our oceans! 


Mermaid Rising Necklace with Blue Stone

Mermaid Rising Women Empowerment Necklace

This necklace was based off a drawing I made of a mermaid rising to the surface, lifting a beautiful crystal orb sparkling with light.

I imagine the orb in her hands is filled with beautiful light full of love and wisdom and possibility!

Mermaid Charm Pendant Necklace with Blue Stone

This little charm is a Mermaid who is reaching up to the surface and holding a beautiful large crystal ball!

The crystal stone is source of powerful energy and she rises up to it and holding it. This mermaid is a symbol of strength, and of course, most notably, strength in women.

This mermaid is Rising Toward her Dreams...  

This mermaid symbolizes encouragement in girls and women and the ability for anyone to overcome obstacles and look for the magical in everything! 


Mermaid Word Necklaces

Mermaid Handwriting turned into Mermaid Jewelry 

Wet ink fresh on paper of the most magical word I know of ~ Mermaid!

This gorgeous hand lettering by my friend Ellen at helped me bring my creation to life...

Mermaid Necklace Gold & Pink

This classic necklace with the word Mermaid might be my favorite!

The playful simple script writing turned into a dainty and adorable wearable little Mermaid treasure is perfect for everyday.

I adore both of these necklaces that feature hand-written Mermaid word. They remind me of magical nature and inspire me to go in the sea!

Mermaid Bar Necklace

I love going to the beach, but sometimes I need a reminder to get out in the ocean and play!

All of these necklaces are very high quality. They are made in Sterling Silver and are plated with either 18k Gold or Rhodium, so they will shine gorgeously for years!

Timeless fashionable mermaid jewelry is a rare thing to come by.

No matter what age, all of these necklaces are love and adored!

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