Mermaid Photoshoot Tips & Tricks

by Mermaid Julie August 05, 2016

Mermaid Photoshoot Tips & Tricks

Getting a great photo in your mermaid tail is essential!

Mermaid Photoshoot Tips & Tricks

I've been getting photos in my mermaid tail blankets for a while now, so I wanted to share what makes a mermaid photo great!

I'll cut right to it...

To get the very best shots in your mermaid tail blanket you need to have:

#1. a good angle on the tail


#2. a beautiful splay of your tassels

I have found that there are few things that work almost every time and some things that are sure to fail. Here is where to start.

First of all you'll need to find a camerawoman/friend/boyfriend who can take the photo. OR, you can do the remote thing, but honestly, I'm not an expert at that!

I use my boyfriend to take photos, and although he is blind in one eye (seriously), he can still get a great shot if I set it up right and then hand him the phone.

You can't get up and walk around in your tail, so first and foremost, grab everything you will need and then find somewhere awesome to sit.

Sitting in the car and at the kitchen table usually are impossible to pull-off.

Sometimes, even a big chair or couch can be tough to get a good shot unless you have the perfect angle.

Here are my tips for getting a good photo in your mermaid tail blanket...

Tips for Getting a Great Mermaid Tail Blanket Shot

#1. Find Some Stairs

Shooting on the Stairs - Mermaid Photo Tips

Excellent Stairs! See how the tail to hangs down easily. Myself or my friend behind the camera/phone could have pivoted a little so my heels were not visible sticking out the back. But the stairs are top!

The tail and tassels love to hang down stairs - the steeper the stairs the better, but any stairs will do.

You could use your standard home stairwell, your neighbors stoop, any stairs that are public property (park, church, etc) lifeguard towers, stadiums - anywhere! Just don't trespass or say I sent you!

When you can hang your tail down an incline, while still having a nice place to sit, those shots come out great

#2. Style Your Tassels

Style your Tassles - Mermaid Photo Tips

Excellent tassel styling here. They don't just do that on their own ;)

From the eye of the mermaid in the blanket, your tassels might looks alright, but be sure the person behind the camera takes extra care to straighten them out for a photo (a few tassels out of whack can ruin the shot!) 

It's better if you look to be resting on a rock, rather than getting an electrocuted... you don't want that!

In the moment, when things are going right, you might skip the tassel styling, but don't! It's key.

#3. Bend the Knees

Bend Your Knees - Mermaid Photo Tips

Nailed the knee bend and even crossed the ankles for a slinky angle. Perfect!

If you are shooting in a flat spot, like at the beach or on a bed, a bend in the knees takes a flat tail to a very elegant mermaid!

Certainly, you will not want straight legs (those NEVER come out good!), bend those knees for the best results. 

Sometimes a slow knee bend pulling your tassels up, help to straighten them out easily, so tassel styling is minimal.

#4. Take Photos in Daylight, by Windows or Outside

Big Windows Daylight - Mermaid Photo Tips

This photo was taken in hotel room with one wall that was just glass and full sun shining in. We drew the thin curtain to calm it down. Gorgeous. And LOVE the white bedding too... makes the tail pop!

Taking photos on an overcast white day make for the best and most true colors. If you take a photo on a sunny day you often get a cool (blue) or warm (orange) photo. Sometimes that can make a photo more beautiful, but sometimes it can make your whites not look so white and crisp.

For the best photos, get as much natural light as you can and avoid photos with lots of lamps and indoor lights. Shooting near windows on a cloudy day is a wonderful time to take photos in your tail. The more light the better, and outside is always great!

#5. A Little Crown

Flower Crown - Mermaid Photo Tips

I used a sprig of a bush and stuck a few little flowers in. I attached it to my head with bobby pins (somehow?!)

Mermaids are a crowned bunch. I've found that having a hat, a headband, a shell crown, some flowers, basically whatever you can find, add such a great touch to a mermaid tail photos!

Be the sea goddess you envision ~ crown yourself!

They also take your mermaid status at least one notch ;)

#6. Hold Something in Your Hand

Hold Something In your Hand - Mermaid Photo Tips

A disco ball makes an excellent prop. Mermaids don't hold normal stuff all of the time. It felt like the moon, so I went with it.

Having a little prop in your hand or nearby makes your tail photos a little more casual, and different! I like to hold a book, or a tea, or an iPad, or a shell... the options are endless!

When you have a prop to play with you end of taking some random positions you might not of thought have before as well. Grab your cat or a glass of champagne for a really special shot.

#7. Get your Photographer Up, Up, Up

There is definitely something to getting the shot from above. Especially any shot on a bed or on a flat surface, getting the angle on your tail from above will make it look longer and better.

I'm often directing from my tail (I mean, I can't walk) so if you must, tell your photog to grab a chair and stand on it.

I hope these tips help you create some awesome photos in your Mermaid Tail Blanket.

Have fun!


Mermaid Julie

Mermaid Julie
Mermaid Julie


Seatail Founder and Lover of all things Ocean, Beach & Mermaid!

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