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Mermaid Seashell Pool Float

Posted by Mermaid Julie on

If you need something to do this summer, may I suggest: float and hydrate.

You'll feel awesome.

When I climbed atop my seashell floaty, I felt like a mermaid queen!

Mermaid Pool Floaty

I'm wearing the adorable Madison mermaid swimsuit from my friend at Margarita Mermaid ( It fits like a glove and is by far the most adorable mermaid/vintage inspired attire I own - I LOVE it! 

Once I had my suit on, I blew up my new mermaid seashell thrown and headed for the pool, ALL DAY! 

Pool Raft Mermaid

I had the BF take pics of me, but not before getting a used venti cold brew from the car, filling it with ice and water so I could sip mermaid water while I lounged like a total siren-ess.

Seashell Pool Float

 This floaty took me 10 minutes to blow up without a pump and comes with an awesome pearl pink ball. It's not too big, not too small and you can comfortably lounge sitting or lying all the way flat.

I mean, why not just blow it up in the house and use it as a mermaid throne?! OK, I did that too :)

Inflatable Mermaid Pool Float must have!

Get the Seashell Mermaid Pool Float and feel the magic!


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