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Mermaids to Follow on Instagram

Posted by Mermaid Julie on

For some of us... the reality of being a mermaid is not so strange, but eerily, and joyfully close to the soul.

Mermaids are a well known part of ancient history, of myth. They are a part of dreams, of childhoods, and of spirit.

To those who hear the call of the sea, or the call of the mermaid... Embrace your inner mermaid!!

Sparkle like the soul of the sea. Adorn yourself with shells and jewels. Let down your mermaid hair! Be seduced and guided by the stars and moon.

Across the globe modern-day mermaids are making growing up to be a mermaid more real than ever before (including me!)

Sparkling in their self-defined mermaid-ness, proud young women (sick of swimmin', readdyyy to staaaaaand!) are firing up mermaid businesses and making waves. 

Standing for women, standing for oceans, standing for inspiration from the non-ordinary. They are sparkling with messages of hope, imagination, and fun!

There are so many inspiring mermaids out there, from professional for-hire mermaids, to hair queens, to conservationists...

Here is a list must-follow mermaids on Instagram...


Amazing rainbow locks, she's a queen in the mermaid hair movement. Follow her at @amythemermaidx 

Mermaid Amy with Rainbow Hair

Mermaid Amy in her Seatail Seafoam Mermaid Tail Blanket

Amy the Mermaid in her Seatail!


Real life mermaid and underwater conservationist. Hannah is a model, performer and mermaid not to miss! Follow her at @hannahmermaid

Hannah Mermaid, Model, Conservationist and Performer


A beauty writer with the eye of a mermaid. Must follow at @mermaidens

Mermaid Tail on Kailey of Mermaidens, Seatail in Seafoam

Kailey in her Seafoam Seatail!


A real life Mermaid. An artist and underwater specialist who promotes self confidence & dreams... Follow her at @mermaidkariel

 Mermaid Kariel



Queen of blue hair, ocean foam and fresh mermaid style! Follow her at @gabsgetgnarly

Teal Mermaid Tail Mermaid Hair on Gabs

Gabs in her Teal Seatail!


A beautiful feed and must-have fins! Follow at @mahinamermaid 

Mahina Mermaid


Professional Florida beauty, making mermaid waves! Follow her at @verobeachmermaid

Vero Beach Mermaid

In her Teal Seatail!


Bridgette is elegant and her feed is bursting with mermaid inspiration! Must follow @treasure.coast.mermaid

Treasure Coast Mermaid

Bridgette in her Seafoam Seatail


An underwater goddess! Must follow mermaid @mermaidhyli 

Mermaid Hyli


The effervescent Mermaid Julie, known for her blankets ;) Must follow @seatail_mermaid

Mermaid Tail Blanket



Long live the Mermaids!


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