Must Sea Mermaid Movies

by Mermaid Julie August 06, 2016

Must Sea Mermaid Movies

I love a good sea shanty.

I long to devour endless stories about life in the big blue.

Swelling seas. Mystical islands. Siren songs.

Those are the stories that inspired me to start creating my own sea tale... (or tail!)

Since we no longer live in a time of mermaid myth spinners, one of my favorite ways to find these stories is through movies.

Luckily many filmmakers share my love of the sea.

Here are a few movies that remind me why I became obsessed with the creatures of the deep… 

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Mermaid Movies Favorites and Reviews

Song of the Sea (2014)

Song of the Sea

Do you know about Selkies?! This beautiful movie tells the story of a young girl named Saoirse, who is half human-half seal. The story is an epic quest to save the spirit world and return to the sea. I wish I could watch this movie every day. (Sometimes I do.) The artwork is breathtaking, and it reminds me of being small, but dreaming big. 


Ondine (2010)

Speaking of selkies. Ondine is a grown-up fairy-tail selkie story. Starring a salty Colin Farrell as a solo Irish fisherman struggling to support his ill daughter, he pulls a woman out of the sea. Reality mixes with mystical, comedy and drama. And as they do... a fairytale of how a sea-woman longs for love with a land-man.


White Squall (1996)

OK, this isn't a mermaid movie... but if you don’t know about this storm-on-the-sea epic, then you’ve missed a very key moment in your development in to full Mermaid-hood. Watch it on a comfy night in, or with some of your mermaid girlfriends. (Maybe not with your Mer-man though. Unless he looks as good in a white t-shirt as young Ryan Phillippe.)


Hook (1991)

Aww, this is one of my faves! Remember the Mermaid scene?! Three sirens luring a disillusioned, grown up Peter Pan to their watery depths. I always wanted to be the Blue one. So much mermaid glam in this scene. Hook is amazing anyway, I mean, Tink'? She's the best!


Aquamarine (2006)

Aquamarine Mermaid Movie

This book turned movie is a tween mermaid fav. Two besties find a sassy mermaid in their beach-club pool after a storm and she becomes one of the crew. Basically a summer rom-com with plenty of tail, lore, and splash.


Joe vs. The Volcano (1990)

Ok, ok, this isn’t exactly a movie about the sea. But Tom Hanks spends a large portion of the film afloat in the south pacific on a raft made of designer luggage. Trust me, it’s wonderful and well worth your time. Especially if you, like Joe, have ever longed for something more than a hum-drum life. (It’s taking everything in me not to suggest Castaway on this list. It’s so bad, but soooo good.)


In the Heart of the Sea (2015)

This is said to be the story that inspired Moby Dick. I’m not sure if that’s true, but the movie is big, and beautiful and fun to watch. It takes place in 1820, and follows the story of a whaling boat that encounters the biggest whale ever seen.  The whale is not chill.  There’s also lots of swashbuckling by Chris Hemsworth, which in my opinion, IS chill. (disclaimer: no mermaids)


Splash (1984)

Splash Mermaid Movie

I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one here who developed an early obsession with Mermaids thanks to this movie. Daryl Hannah plays Madison, a Mermaid with a short window of time to spend on land in an effort to connect with the man she loves. Obviously that man is played by Tom Hanks, because duh. This is a must see. It’s required viewing for every member of the Mermaid community.


The Little Mermaid (1989)

The Little Mermaid 

Last but certainly not least... and I know you've seen it. The Little Mermaid is everything! 

Enjoying a good mermaid movie (or any movie for that matter) in a cozy warm Mermaid Tail blanket makes it SO much more fun!

Get in and snuggle down :)

  Mermaid Tail Blanket Mermaid Movies


Mermaid Julie

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