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Ocean Conservation Groups to Follow

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The world’s oceans are vast. 

I have sailed my own boat over more than 4000 miles of them...

Many times at sea I vowed to be a part of their abundance, not a part of their destruction.

I don't think man is capable of full destruction, but man is proving to be capable of quite a lot. Including the complete wipe-out of species and destroying eco-systems in areas all around the world.

The oceans are not isolated, but are a part of earth as a whole and the health of the oceans affects the abundance and livelihood of the entire planet, and everyone on it. A very simple relationship is ocean surface temperatures, which affect the weather patterns of the entire planet.

Humans have lived off the ocean for all of time and I believe the ocean is meant for us to use, or more accurately, to be a part of.

The ocean is a source of food, a means of travel, and above all a place to find peace, solace, energy, and wisdom.

So… what are the issues facing the sea?

  • Unsustainable legal commercial fishing
  • Unregulated commercial fishing
  • Illegal fishing activity
  • Destructive/Illegal use of commercial fishing equipment
  • Captivity programs
  • Global warming
  • Unregulated aquarium trade
  • Oil & gas, drilling and spilling
  • Ocean acidification
  • Habitat loss & degradation
  • Military activities including sonar noise pollution & weapons testing
  • Poor practices of fish farms
  • Pollution & toxins from land
  • Mass slaughter of endangered species based on bogus health claims 
  • Culturally justified slaughters of endangered species
  • Runoff from mining, manufacturing and overpopulation
  • Excessive amounts of plastic debris
  • Consumer unawareness of seafood 
  • To name a few...

We need the scientists, we need the fighters, we need the advocates, we need the sea.

So, how can you offer support to reduce these issues? 

Educate yourself.

Read, learn, and listen... and then speak, share, and act! Also, be a mermaid :)

Here are my top picks for organizations making a difference in the world of ocean conservation.

Ocean Conservation Groups to Know About and Support

Mermaids support the ocean!

1. Sea Shepherd

Their deal: Direct action tactics

Sea Shepherd

Founded in 1977 by Captain Paul Watson, their mission is to “end the destruction of habitat and the slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species,” using direct-action tactics.

No other agency or group is out on the oceans stopping illegal and highly destructive fishing in international waters (which there is A LOT of)... But Sea Shephard is.

And doing a great job!! 

Sea Shephard in many ways in unlike any other service on earth. They are doing something that is intoxifyingly progressive and something that only the vast oceans can allow.

International waters are a fascinating circumstance, because anyone can profit as they please...

Sea Shephard, on their own progressive pirate-like mission, is putting a stop to the piracy of wildlife and ecosystems in the world's oceans.

They are my fav all around.

Check out their website, join them, support them

Mermaid purchases on this site go towards supporting Sea Shephard!

2. The Ocean Conservancy

Their deal: Science, Legislation, Community Action

Ocean Consservancy

The Ocean Conservancy is a long-standing organization of scientists, advocates, biologists, lawyers, fishermen, surfers, etc.

They are tackling ocean acidification, oil spills, sustainable fisheries and balanced ecosystems. They are working to raise awareness for and advocate for a healthy ocean. The OC is known for their massive beach clean-ups annually hauling tons of garbage off of beaches.

This upstanding and dedicated organization is at the bottom of publicity for crucial ocean issues and continues to make head-way in regulations to protect the oceans.

Follow and support the Ocean Conservancy at

3. The Safina Center (Previously the Blue Ocean Institute)

Their deal: Art, Literature, Knowledge, Action

Safina Center Carl Safina
The Safina Center, started by Carl Safina, a writer, activist and seabird and fishing expert is behind this organization, previously the Blue Ocean Institute.

They have been the voice behind powerful and educational TED talks, TV shows, best selling books and award winning photography.

They are also known for their education initiative "From Sea to Table" helping consumers choose sustainable and healthy choices about what seafood they should buy and eat. You can see their seafood guide here – which is a step anyone can take right now to help protect the oceans.

Consumers often receive false information by profiteering seafood industry leaders that are not looking out for the sustainability of the oceans or the health of those eating the seafood.

Take a moment to educate yourself on their site about seafood to avoid. If consumers don't buy it, fisheries don't catch it.

The Safina institute also uses inspiring art and literature to raise public awareness in and drive support for the issues facing the ocean and the world.

Their Mission

Inspire people’s engagement in real-world change to help keep the living world alive. By fusing scientific understanding, emotional connection, and a moral call to action, we produce tangible, durable works which make deep, lasting impressions.

Get active with the Safina Center at

4. Oceana

Their deal: Global Issues, Education, Legislation, Action


Oceana is the largest organization in the world devoted to marine conservation.

They are taking projects head-on and tackling huge global ocean issues. 

Since its founding, Oceana has won more than 100 victories and protected more than one million square miles of ocean!

Established in 2001, Oceana merged with the American Oceans Project, set up by actor and environmental activist, Ted Danson. 

They are working to end Seismic blasting, the world shark fin trade and other major global issues impacting the world.

Currently, they are running this resounding statement: Restoring the ocean could feed 1 billion people a healthy seafood meal every day.

Follow and support them at

5. Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project

Their deal: Ending Wildlife Captivity

Dolphins Swimming Free

The Dolphin Project was founded in 1982 by former captive dolphin trainer, Ric O'Barry. After working on the set of the movie Flipper, when one of the dolphins died in his arms, he realized...

“capturing dolphins and training them to perform silly tricks is simply wrong.”

This important organization is bringing light to the horrible truths behind captivity and why Seaworld, Atlantis and other captivity programs are destructive to our oceans and communities.

Ric O'Barry was also behind the the documentary The Cove about dolphin slaughter in Japan and the Solomon Islands. 

Here's a truth: "Dolphins are regularly captured, harassed, slaughtered and sold into captivity around the world – all in the name of profit."

Support and visit:

Be a mermaid by being one of the advocates for our oceans!

By shopping in my store you help me support these organizations. 

Thank you for reading :)

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