Seashell Collection from Indonesia

by Mermaid Julie October 23, 2017

Seashell Collection from Indonesia

I dream of beaches that are covered in white sand, far from civilization, strewn with the earth's finest seashells... 

And when I found myself in my own dreams reality, I obviously took a ton of photos!

This beautiful beach on a remote island in Indonesia, each day offered new beautiful shells to admire.

I left only with a small handful of my favorites, but the photos hold the memory of a trade wind whipping my hair while hunting this blinding white sand beach.

Beachcombing Secrets, How to find beautiful shells

 My Beachcombing Secrets

1. Go to remote beaches, in far away lands 

2. The most recent high-tide line is an excellent place to search

3. Shells are often lightweight or buoyant, so they often float or wash in with wood and other light debris found at the apex of the most recent tide

4. Keep hunting the same beach if you found something good. Chances are more will come with the changing of the tides and weather

5. Hunting after a lot of wind and swell often mean lots of new items!

Tiny Seashells found in Indonesia

Tiny shells are often the most perfect and unblemished. Plus, you can fit hundreds in your pocket! I love to find a shell to hold the tiny ones.

This beach has no name, but was a Southwest facing white sand stretch on the Indian Ocean on the outer Mentawai Islands of Sumatra, Indonesia. I was staying at a surf camp and walked about 1 mile to reach the deserted, wind swept beach each day.

Each day, I envisioned finding an elusive nautilus shell, which I knew had been found in this area. Every day I searched, but I never saw a shard!

Instead, I was rewarded with a ton of other absolutely beautiful shells.


Brown Spotted Cowrie Shell

I have never found such a fascinating pattern on a shell! This cowrie was so glossy and special, I'm still in awe of it.

Urchin hole, Indonesia

Tons of urchins, some cowries and others...

Handful of Seashells

Gorgeous young shell, finding beautiful seashells

Shell collecting from beaches, outer islands of Sumatra

My full seashell collection from Indonesia.

And a very unexpected Tritons Trumpet, found my last day!

Tritons Trumpet, Beach find

Happy shell collecting :)

Mermaid Julie
Mermaid Julie


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