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Seashell Fairy Lights DIY

Posted by Mermaid Julie on

If you make these, I promise, you will LOVE them!

Using shells you've found and turning them into this beachy strand of twinkle will make all of your dreams come true.

I highly recommend this little project because not only are seashell lights perfect for ocean-themed holiday twinkle, they are practical and delightful all year 'round!

Seashell Fairy Lights DIY

For mermaid parties, these are a must! I have a million ideas bursting out of my head about what I could do with these lights. Trees, windows, patios, indoor, outdoor, small ones, big ones, I LOVE them!

They lit up so beautifully over the little Christmas lights, and the pictures don't begin to capture their subtle beauty.

They have added the best color to my festive mantel and of course would be amazing on a tree or just hanging in the window.

Mermaid lights with little shells glued on

For this Seashell Craft all you need is...

1. A handful of shells (scallop or clam)

2. A string of Christmas lights (I picked the ones with the clear wires so they will be useful all year, not just green for the tree. I found these on Amazon)

3. Super Glue 

Shell Lights ~ Mermaid Decor DIY

#1. First things first, plug in your lights and make sure they work.

#2. Second, unwind them the best you can and do everything in your power (and patience) to get some of the lights to lie flat against a surface (that can get gluey). 

#3. Now, select a few of your shells and see if they lie right over your light and you don't have to hold them there while they dry. Start with those. Just apply glue to your shell, then rest it on the light to dry. 

I did several rounds of gluing, first to the lights lying flat, then I rotated the ones sticking up and glued those.

Make Your Own Seashell Fairy Lights

I left my lights plugged in while I did it, the warmth of the light helped the glue dry faster.

Let the glue dry completely before moving them to the next round of shells. Once it's dry, they are on there for good! Thanks to the super glue.

I have banged mine around pretty good and none of them have fallen off! 

I made these lights while also baking these awesome Sand Dollar Cookies, so I could go back and forth between each glue-dry and not fuss with them while the glue was drying. 

Shell Mermaid Lights DIY

Mermaid Lights on and off Seashell lights DIY

Seashell DIY fairy lights

They are on my mantel and look amazing!

Don't let anyone dull your sparkle :)

Happy Holidays!

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