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Shell Phone Case & Mermaid Tech Must-Haves

Posted by Mermaid Julie on

Just try and imagine everything you use turning into a shell (the obvious choice in accessory for a mermaid, a shell-obsessed one).

Naturally, the thing you haul around and use pretty often is your phone... yes, and mine needed a transformation into a shell.

A Shell Phone!

Would you hand me my shell phone?

Will you grab my shell phone? 

Oh, let me check my SHELL PHONE!! :)

So, I designed and had a shell phone case made. I am reminded of the ocean every time...

And a few other epic mermaid treasures...

The Mermaid Shell Phone Case

Shell Phone Case for iphone



Mermaid Phone Case, aka the Shell Phone Case

Fits iphone 6 and iphone 7 (the standard size). 

Mermaid Earbuds Headphones

When you are a mermaid, you are always listening for the ocean. That is, when you are not able to be near it and hear it's roar yourself.

How adorable are these tiny seashell earbuds for ocean listening all the time?!

Every Mermaid needs a pair of these headphones, they are a hit gift with mermaids of all ages. 

Perfect little mermaid accessory for workouts, travel and everyday.

Earbuds Shell Headphones

Mermaid Head Phones, Shell Ear Buds

Get the Seatail Shell Buds! » Shop Mermaid Headphones

Seashell Earbud headphones

Shop all Mermaid Tech at Seatail

One last non-tech chunk of Mermaid Gold... this beautiful thing...

Mermaid Gold Necklace

Sparkle on!


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