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The Mermaid Parade (Costume DIY ideas)

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Every June, just outside of New York City, the Mermaid Parade floats around Coney Island.

Since it began in 1982, it has become the largest art parade in the nation! 

Glamour of the mer-kingdom is firing on all cylinders. The mer-costumes range from jellyfish to king triton with floats and wigs, and paint and fabrics, shimmering and sparkling like no other parade has dreamed of.

The parade welcomes every shape, size, color and sequin imaginable.

The heart of the parade is the celebration of love for the mystical, the magical, the arts, the community and the mysterious underwater kingdom of mermaids!

Image from Huffington Post, 2016 Mermaid Parade

A parade dedicated 100% to Mermaids!!

The artist's community of New York started running the parade 35 years ago to celebrate and kick-off a busy start to summer. They invite all to join in on marching in the name of eccentric magical seaside silliness! 


Image from Huffington Post, Mermaid Parade 2016

This year, 2017, the annual Mermaid parade takes place on June 17.  

Over 3,000 people will walk the parade, featuring Neptune, Ariel and the communities most fabulous humans.

There is a judges panel voting for the best outfit (among other things?) and judges can be bribed and bought in the most jovial good-natured kind of way.

It's like burlesque meets carnival meets water world... and so much more!

And let's face it, this parade is really ALL about the costumes!

Image from Huffington Post, Mermaid Parade 2016

Who's going?!

Need an amazing mermaid outfit for the Mermaid Parade?! 

Make your own mermaid top and mermaid crown with the DIY guides below:

Mermaid Top DIY

Mermaid Shell Top DIY for the Mermaid Parade

Make a Mermaid Shell Top for Mermaid Parade, Here is the DIY

Mermaid Crown DIY

Mermaid Crown DIY

Make a Mermaid Crown for the Mermaid Parade, Here is the DIY

For tons of Mermaid make-up and more mermaid costume and accessory ideas visit these Pinterest boards

The parade is put on by Coney Island, who says proudly "A Non Profit Organization Defending the American Popular Culture", visit their site here, and see you at the parade!!

Parade photos from Huffington Post article here

My talented dear friend Stephanie of Red Scandal Graphics made this awesome poster in support of the parade... 

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