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Aquamarine Lagoon Mermaid Art Print, 5x7

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5" x 7" Art Print

In the tropical islands of the vast Pacific Ocean, towering green mountains rise from the sea. Surrounded by coral reefs where the ocean swells crash, the inner lagoons are as smooth as a lake... it is in these calm waters where the aquamarine mermaid dwells.

In harmony with the water she rarely is seen above the surface. She is close friends with the dolphins and is known for welcoming all creatures of the sea into her elaborately decorated coral home.

Each month she climbs a palm tree over the lagoon and lifts her columns of aquamarine crystal to the rising full moon. It is on this night her crystal’s power is strongest. Capturing the essence of her truth she gains clear intuition for the future.

In ancient legend aquamarine was indeed the treasure of mermaids, named after its sea qualities. Aquamarine was kept by sailors for good luck and today carrying this crystal protects all who travel on or near the water. Known to enhance communication and trust, it also calms, soothes and cleanses us – just like the sea!

5" x 7" Artwork is printed on archival paper with a beautiful matte finish.

This imaginative story is printed on the back!

A delightful gift to all mermaids! 

✨ This design was created by me, Mermaid Julie 



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